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Wind farms

Wind farms

Wind farms

The civil designs corresponding to the foundations of the wind towers were developed for different parks, with different mast heights (up to 120 m high) and different generation power.

The foundation designs are carried out using finite element models, the soil-structure iteration is carried out through the use of springs that only work in compression to obtain the real contact areas.

This design includes the effects due to earthquakes that are concomitant with the operating wind pressure loads, as well as the effects of extraordinary wind loads.

Global stability verifications, contact pressure review, design by ultimate resistance and fatigue review for concrete and reinforcing steel are performed.

The foundations of the different locations have been of very variable diameters ranging from 17 m to 23.50 m, the foundations have a circular base with variable depth and in the center there is always a cylinder where the anchors of the towers.

Design work has been done on improved terrain, competent soil and rock.

Projects have been carried out in several states of the Republic with different conditions of earthquake, wind and type of terrain.

For example, we have the following most representative projects:

  • La Amistad wind farm. Located in the state of Coahuila·
  • El Mezquite wind farm. Located in the state of Nuevo León·
  • Piedra Larga wind farm. Located in the state of Oaxaca·
  • San Matías wind farm. Located in Mexicali, Baja California.·
  • Los Altos wind farm. Located in the state of Jalisco.·
  • La Mesa wind farm. Located in the state of Tamaulipas.·
  • La Ventosa wind farm. Located in the state of Oaxaca.·
  • Mexican wind machine. Project for the National Institute of Electricity and Clean Energies (INEEL), in La Ventosa, Oaxaca.

As a particular fact, the last two phases of La Amistad (III and IV) were modeled in 3D in Revit commercial software, with which the foundations and all their details were within the BIM methodology for the integration of a BIM model of the entire park that includes linear works, hydraulic works, electrical infrastructure and the structures and foundations of the park.

Part of the scope within wind farms is the design of electrical substations that entail the following concepts:

  • Substation building
  • Design of major and minor structures, as well as their foundations·
  • Transmission line poles


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