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Corporate Structure

Corporate Structure

Central America, Mexico and the Caribbean

Pablo Salazar

Civil Engineer (1997), University of Granada. Professional with more than 20 years of experience in the management of construction, engineering and architecture companies.


Throughout his professional career he has worked as Production Manager, Site Manager, Construction Manager, Infrastructure Manager, General Manager and Territorial General Manager.


In 2008 he joined the TYPSA Group as a delegate in Mexico and since 2009 he has been appointed Territorial General Manager of the Group’s subsidiary.


In 2018 he is appointed Territorial General Manager for Mexico, Central America and the Caribbean, directing TYPSA’s participation in the development of countries with large infrastructure needs.


Industry and Water

Arturo Ramírez Romero

Civil Engineering Hydraulics specialist, with 21 years of experience in the design of projects of different execution methods, in several projects of great spread, in hydraulic matters, road infrastructure, Building, etc., in their different facets such as planning, pre-feasibility, feasibility, technical diagnostics, federal, state and municipal investment diagnostics In addition, he has participated in supervisions and management of emblematic projects in the country.


In 2009 he joined MEXTYPSA as Hydraulic Director, from 2010 he is appointed Production Director, coordinating the company’s production departments, to the year 2019 a growth in the company is proposed, opening a new branch, same as assigned and is appointed Director of the Division of Industry and Water.

Buildings and Integral Project Management

Miguel García Dominguez

Architect (2002).Master of Architecture from the Higher Technical School of Architecture in Madrid, Spain. (ETSAM-UPM)


Throughout his professional career, he has worked as Project & Construction Manager, Project monitoring, Architect, head of projects. Responsible for Fire Safety Conditions, licenses and service companies, responsible cost studies, engineering company Co-founder, and technical assistance to client works. New construction, rehabilitation, and development of urban services. Tertiary sector (offices, commercial and leisure), health, prison, residential, hotels, airports and industrial.


He joined TYPSA in 2010 as Project Manager carrying out emblematic projects in Spain and Morocco, as of 2015 he is appointed Building and Cities Division Director, as general management, Search and development of new business areas, Design, Site Supervision and Project & Construction management Director.

Engineering Management

Juan Manuel Maya Gochi

Civil Engineer (1991) by the National Polytechnic Institute, specialty in Infrastructures, (1991).

Professional with 29 years of experience in Civil Engineering, has directed and managed projects in different branches such as:


Highway Projects, Roads, Junctions, Independent Engineer, Projects through performance standards, Public Private Partnerships (PPP), technical assistance on site, supervision.


Feasibility Studies,

Due Diligence

Urbanization and building.

Tourist developments, housing developments.

Technological parks,
Hydraulic works,
Sustainable water and energy projects,

Since 2014 he has been working full time in MEXTYPSA (subsidiary of the TYPSA group in Mexico), where he participates in the area of highways, as director of infrastructure projects and in charge of the area of Linear Works. In 2020 he is appointed Director of Engineering.


Diego Vélez

Graduated from the Illinois Institute of Technology – USA doing a thesis on the impacts of renewable energy and energy efficiency in construction projects.


Throughout his academic and professional career, he has specialized in business relations and multidisciplinary team management, accumulating valuable experience in positions of responsibility in the US (2012-2020).


In 2020 he joined Mextypsa as Director of the Energy Division.

Transport Infrastructure



Irma Tirado Serrano


Rosa Carolina Aragón Avilés


Patricia Rullán de la Mata


José Maria Carrillo Picón


César Racine Arenas

Geology and Geotechnical

Maria del Carmen Cabrera Velázquez

Hydrology and Hydraulics

Mauricio de los Santos Hernández

Linear Infrastructure

Juan Manuel Mayan Gochi


Jorge Sarralle Aguilo

Wind Energy

Rodrigo Alonso Ramírez

Solar Energy

Javier Sánchez