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Industry and Water

Industry and Water


In the industrial sector, both in the building and in the production processes, an analysis with a focus on operability and with the purpose of optimizing resources is required, it is in this area where Mextypsa contributes its experience to develop projects whose technical solution satisfies The needs of our customers.

The Industry area has a wide range of qualified professionals and capable of leading multidisciplinary work with high demands for integration, coordination with civil works and application of criteria for sustainability and energy efficiency.

Among the services offered are: Process and Production Plants in the different sectors of the industry (Metalworking Sector, Food and Beverage Sector, Clothing and Textile Sector, etc.)


As Water is the necessary resource for life, the importance of having it to meet basic needs, the growing demand for energy in cities, transport across seas and rivers, etc., forces the implementation of various structures Hydraulic In WATER engineering, Mextypsa has a group of qualified specialists that are constantly being updated to meet the needs of each project. Among the services that Mextypsa offers are: the realization of Studies (Planning, Resource Management, Feasibility Studies), Projects, Works Supervision, Maintenance and Operation of Hydraulic Structures.

In the extensive branch of water-related engineering, which includes the following areas: Coasts and oceans; Flood control; Channels; Groundwater; Dams; Hydraulic structures; Hydrology; Urban hydraulics and hydraulic uses; Wastewater Treatment Plants and Water Treatment Plants; Hydroelectric power; Irrigation and drainage; Lakes, reservoirs and lagoons; Aqueducts; Rivers; Wetlands; etc., Mextypsa’s extensive experience is used to develop viable projects with the quality that our customers require.