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  /  News   /  MEXTYPSA, a subsidiary of Grupo TYPSA, celebrates 10 years in the Mexican market

MEXTYPSA, a subsidiary of Grupo TYPSA, celebrates 10 years in the Mexican market

Since July 2009, MEXTYPSA was established as an independent engineering and consulting company in the fields of architecture, civil engineering, industry and energy, and environment, which since its foundation has been actively and continuously participating in the development of all types of infrastructure and equipment, facing all the challenges that are presented every day with a multidisciplinary technical team of more than 185 highly trained professionals in different disciplines (building, water, transport infrastructure, renewable energy … etc), with very varied services (conceptual designs, preliminary projects, executive designs, due diligence, supervision, management, technical assistance on site, third parties, technical structuring of assets …) and very diverse clients, both public and private.


Throughout these years, knowledge and experiences have accumulated in projects of great magnitude, protagonists of the unstoppable development of the Republic, always standing out for the quality, innovation and a wide capacity of integration of processes from the conceptual beginning to the maternalization and the commissioning

10 years in the Mexican market

In Mextypsa we are especially proud of the trajectory followed and we reinforce the will to keep and keep growing, continuously improving and differentiating ourselves in what we do, always with the commitment to achieve the complete satisfaction of our clients.


Thanks to those who have been and are our Clients, both national and international: their success has been and is our pride thanks to the trust placed in this humble team.


Thanks to all who in one way or another have collaborated in this project that came to stay in Mexico and for Mexico.

Congratulations to all members of the MEXTYPSA family, all professionals of invaluable human and technical condition, without whose effort and enthusiasm this event would never have been possible.


Thank you all!!!